The Americana Room is Coral House's spectacular Grand Ballroom. Elegant, yet warm and inviting, the Americana features floor-to-ceiling Palladian windows that afford a breathtaking panoramic view of Milburn Lake and, in daytime, fill the room with sparkling sunlight. Our fireplace and dance floor add to the room's ambiance and totally unique appeal. Brass chandeliers cast a warm glow over this spacious room whose traditional decor echoes that found throughout The Coral House. For our brides' convenience, we offer a private bridal suite, nearby. The bridal suite has a library-like setting, fireplace and private powder room. It’s perfect for primping prior to your bridal party's grand entrance.


The Presidential Room is the perfect location for your private cocktail hour before your event in the Americana ballroom. The secluded presidential room is complete with its own bridal suites, fireplace, and all amenities, with its own small lounge area.


Once an open air setting, our Nantucket Deck has been covered and enclosed, but the feeling of an elegant outdoor room is retained, no matter the season or weather. Sunlight or starlight streams through the skylights above, while the room's windows provide a memorable view of Milburn Lake. This intimate romantic room is especially warm and inviting, thanks to its Williamsburg country-style decor and traditional furnishings.


This sun-filled room has picturesque views of Milburn Lake and the nearby grassy banks, shade trees and flowerbeds. The room is decorated with traditional Williamsburg-style setting with patterned golden wallpaper, interior clapboard siding, shutters, brickwork, and large, brilliant windows.


In a word, our Milburn room is memorable. With its wood paneling, colorful stained glass windows, fireplace and beautiful large windows, it's not hard to imagine being in an 18th century country inn, having left your horse and carriage outside. This room is ideal for Engagement parties and Bridal Showers.


With a panoramic view of the water's edge, the Lakeside Room provides the perfect setting for intimate gatherings. Comfortable chairs and tables are arranged to offer either a view of the lake or of the lovely traditional interior, which is richly decorated with wood paneling, library bookshelves, stained glass and lush hanging gardens.


The brick-walled and floored, double-level terrace has a sweeping view over Lake Milburn. On the open-air terraces there are white clapboard gazebos and latticework, wall sconces and nautical decor, planters filled with seasonal flowers, and colorful market umbrellas. The setting alone celebrates the season and the sea—and it’s the perfect outdoor venue.