The Americana Room is Coral House's spectacular Grand Ballroom. Elegant, yet warm and inviting, the Americana features:

♦ Floor-to-ceiling Palladian windows
♦ Breathtaking panoramic view of Milburn Lake
♦ Magnificent fireplace
♦ Spacious dance floor
♦ Stunning brass chandeliers that cast a warm glow
♦ Private bridal suite complete with a fireplace and powder room
♦ Room capacity 175-360


The Presidential Room is the perfect location to enjoy your delicious cocktail hour guests before your event in the Americana ballroom. The secluded Presidential Room is complete with:

♦ Spacious room perfect for mingling
♦ Comfortable lounge area
♦ Private bridal suite
♦ Cozy fireplace


Our Nantucket Deck offers the feeling of an elegant outdoor room, but is enclosed to be enjoyed no matter the season or weather.

♦ Skylights that allow sunlight or starlight to stream through
♦ Large windows that offer a memorable view of Milburn Lake
♦ Romantic, warm and inviting feel
♦ Williamsburg country-style decor and traditional furnishings
♦ Room capacity 100-150


Whether dressed up or kept simple, this room is equally stunning. This sun-filled room features:

♦ Picturesque views of Milburn Lake
♦ Traditional Williamsburg style decor
♦ Room capacity 75-110


With its 18th century charm, our Milburn room is nothing short of memorable. Highlights include:

♦ Detailed wood paneling
♦ Colorful stained glass windows
♦ Cozy fireplace
♦ Beautiful large windows
♦ Ideal for Engagement parties and Bridal Showers
♦ Room capacity 40-70


With a panoramic view of the water's edge, the Lakeside Room provides the perfect setting for intimate gatherings. Highlights include:

♦ Warm, rich traditional interior
♦ Wood paneling and library bookshelves
♦ Stained glass access
♦ Lush hanging gardens
♦ Room capacity 50-90


This stunning setting celebrates the season and the sea. The double-level open-air terrace features:

♦ A sweeping view over Milburn Lake
♦ Beautiful brick floors
♦ White clapboard gazebos and latticework
♦ Wall sconces and nautical decor
♦ Planters filled with seasonal flowers
♦ Colorful market umbrellas